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About Deer Velvet

Velvet Energy Is the ONLY company is the UK with a licence to import deer velvet from New Zealand.

Velvet Energy UK only buys top quality bio-active deer velvet from New Zealand and this is more effective than many other deer velvet products because of a unique and patented processing technique which cuts the size of the protein molecules and allows greater absorption of the active agents.


Deer velvet is the actively growing stage of the stag's antlers. It is called velvet because it is covered in short dense hair which resembles velvet cloth. Velvet Energy UK capsules are filled with a finely ground powder made from the whole antler.


Deer velvet grows each year on the heads of stags kept on farms in New Zealand. It is this capacity to regenerate, as well as to grow rapidly, which makes deer velvet unique.


Velvet Energy only buys deer velvet from herds that have been approved by Deer Industry New Zealand for their very high animal welfare standards. The antlers grow every year and the older the stag the better the antlers, so deer are never killed in the process, instead the stags that are kept for their antlers and not for their meat, live very long and happy lives.


Due to the fact that deer velvet has not been approved by the European Food Safety Authority no claims can be made on a UK based web-site. Information about deer velvet and its properties is freely available on the internet should you wish to find out more.

Reported Benefits

Velvet Energy is a small company and cannot afford the multi million pound trials needed to satisfy the European Food Safety Authority. Consequently, we are not permitted to make any medicinal claims.

However, Velvet Energy has been in business for over twenty years and we have heard first-hand from our loyal customers about the incredible and varied benefits they have experienced from taking deer velvet.

These benefits could be because deer velvet is packed with the natural ingredients that grow stronger joints, cartilage and bones like growth hormones, amino acids, minerals, phospholipids (fats), collagen, chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine sulphate. The IGF-1 also stimulates cartilage growth for healthy joints.

Velvet Zest 60 x

Other amazing substances and properties of deer velvet are as follows:



Including all the amino acids needed for the building and repair of all tissues.

Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs)

Nothing has more anti-inflammatory properties than Glycosaminoglycans. These agents are the most powerful substances known to medical science. They not only regenerate and repair cartilage, they’ve been clinically proven to be more powerful than their pharmaceutical counterpart, dexamethasone! They do more than combat inflammation. They also stimulate the immune response-which is actually a response to inflammation. That, in turn, helps fight viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

Hyaluronic Acid

The cement of connective tissue. It helps cushion joints. It’s a component of synovial fluid, this helps with the body’s “shock-absorbing” system.


A kidney-produced protein that helps increase oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.


Forms the blood’s cellular components referred to as “stem cells” since they come from bone marrow. Antler velvet has been proven to have immunocytochemical reactions that prove it contains stem cells.

This incredible substance is really a collection of very small molecules that our bodies use to communicate with other cells, and that regulate the behaviour of those cells. They’re involved in everything from regulating our reproductive tract and circulatory system to brain functions and inflammation.

Collagen Type I and Type II

Collagen is known to be good for the skin. The collagen found in deer velvet has also been found to be a very close match to the cartilage in the joints of a human body making it easily absorbable.          

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