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Capsules contain 100% pure freeze dried deer antler.


Recommended Dose - 1-2 a day.


Velvet Energy UK Ltd has been selling pure dried deer antler for over twenty years.


Deer antler velvet is a by-product of the stags, and it's important to know that the animals are not killed for this product. All farmed stags have their antlers removed for the benefit of the herd under a strict welfare code. If they didn’t have their antlers removed they would be a danger to themselves, other deer in the herd, and to their handlers.


The herds we buy from are all accredited for their high animal welfare standards.


Like many other by-products of the food industry, Deer Velvet powder is sold as a food supplement in the same way as Cod liver oil, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Green lipped mussels.


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