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Deer Velvet for Pets

Promotes Good Health

Deer Velvet optimises the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. This in turn helps with circulation therefore eliminating toxins. This enables your dog to achieve maximum health and vitality which is evident in the animals coat which becomes particularly soft and shiny.

Maintains Healthy Joints
As well as many other special ingredients deer velvet contains glucosamine sulphate, chondroitin sulphate and two different types of collagen. These are major constituents of cartilage and are essential for healthy joints, particularly as cartilage dehydrates with age. The glucosamine that deer velvet contains is much more absorbable than normal glucosamine.

Dog Outdoors

Contains unique anti-ageing powers.
Deer velvet is unique as it is one of the few products that regenerate. Stags re-grow these amazing antlers each season and the unique balance of ingredients remains the same. Deer velvet is what is known as an adaptagen. In simplified terms this means that your pet will naturally draw on those elements that may be lacking in it’s diet. Velvet also contains IGF I and IGF II, these are natural growth hormones which your pet produces when it is young, but sadly as it gets older the hormone production falls off very quickly. This is why Velvet Energy is ideal for the older dog or cat.

Increases appetite
A number of our customers have reported that deer velvet has increased the appetite of their elderly pets and that if they sprinkle it onto the food it will encourage the cat/dog to eat everything up.

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